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A Manhattan Landscape, Ida Abelman
Abelman, Ida

A Manhattan Landscape

La Primavera, Romare Bearden

Bearden, Romare

La Primavera

Strike, Thomas Hart Benton
Benton, Thomas Hart


Alabama Code, George Biddle
Biddle, George

Alabama Code

Land of Plenty_ Lucienne Bloch
Bloch, Lucienne

Land of Plenty

Julius Block_Prisoner
Bloch, Julius


Harry Brodsky_Tomato Pickers
Brodsky, Harry

Tomato Pickers

Frances Chapin_Jobless Man
Chapin, Frances

Jobless Man

Joseph Delaney_Revival
Delaney, Joseph


Werner Drews_Distorted Swastika
Drews, Werner

Distorted Swastika

Philip Evergood, Spring
Evergood, Philip


Hugo Gallert_A Wounded Striker and the Soldier
Gellert, Hugo

A Wounded Striker and the Soldier

Boris Gorelick, Strange Fruit
Gorelick, Boris

Strange Fruit

James Guy_Black Flag
Guy, James

Black Flag

Robert Gwathmey_Custodian
Gwathmey, Robert


Edward Hagedorn_Bull's Eye
Hagedorn, Edward

Bull's Eye

Joseph Hirsch_Supper
Hirsch, Joseph


Irwan Hoffman_Soup Kitchen
Hoffman, Irwan

Soup Kitchen

Joe Jones_American Justice
Jones, Joe

American Justice

Joe Jones_Southern Peonage
Jones, Joe

Southern Peonage

Rockwell Kent_And Women Must Weep
Kent, Rockwell

And Women Must Weep

Rockwell Kent_Bombs Away
Kent, Rockwell

Bombs Away

Rockwell Kent, Heavy Heavy Hangs Over Thy Head

Heavy Heavy Hangs Over Thy Head

Jacob Laurence_Interior Scene
Laurence, Jacob

Interior Scene

Jacob Laurence_Interior Scene
Laurence, Jacob

Street Scene

Joseph Leboit_Tranquility
Leboit, Joseph


Louis Lozowick_Lynching
Lozowick, Louis


Meritt Mauzey_West Texas
Mauzey, Meritt

West Texas

John McClellan_Shroud to the World
McClellan, John

Shroud to the World

Miriam McKinney_Spanish Civil War
McKinney, Miriam

Spanish Civil War

Leo Meissner_War Bulletins
Meissner, Leo

War Bulletins

Elizabeth Olds_No Employment
Olds, Elizabeth

No Unemployment

Walter Quirt_Obeisance to Poverty
Quirt, Walter

Obeisance to Poverty

Anton Refregier_Politicians at Work

Refregier, Anton

Politicians at Work

Philip Reisman_God Bless America
Reisman, Philip

God Bless America

Ben Shahn_Father Coughlin
Shahn, Ben

Father Coughlin

Soyer, Moses

Employment Agency

Raphael Soyer_The Unemployed
Soyer, Raphael


Harry Sternberg_Fascism
Sternberg, Harry


Prentiss Taylor_Prelude to Finland
Taylor, Prentiss

Prelude to Finland

George Tooker_Lunch
Tooker, George


James Turnbull_Ride By Terror
Turnbull, James

Ride By Terror

James Turnbull_Southern Night
Turnbull, James

Southern Night

Stuyvesant Van Veen_Peace Conference
Van Veen, Stuyvesant

Peace Conference

Lynd Ward_Company Town
Ward, Lynd

Company Town

Perlin, Bernard

Mayor Daley

David Robbins, antiwar protester
Robbins, David

Antiwar Protester

Shahn, Ben

Study for Goyescas

Cadmus, Paul

Herin Massacre

Delano, Jack

Miner at Dougherty's Mine

Gilbert, George

American Faces

David Robbins, antiwar protester
Huberland, Morris

Bread Line

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