Art & Social Issues in American Culture
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Art has the power to transmit ideas that can move individuals, even communities, to address crucial issues and stimulate change.

In May 2005, the Columbus Museum of Art added 64 paintings and 375 prints from the Phillip J. and Suzanne Schiller Collection of American Social Commentary Art 1930-1970 to its already significant holdings of 20th century American art.

Art & Social Issues is an educational program developed around the Museum’s extensive American Collection.

These critical visual commentaries create a vivid, authentic picture of American experiences for students to draw from and relate to modern America.

Reproductions, Artist Biographies, lesson plans, bibliographies and other related materials are a part of the continually expanding resources that will be offered as a part of The Art and Social Issues Program.

Art Speaks and we invite you to join the conversation by making use of the materials on this Website and by sending us your comments and suggestions by clicking on Contact Us on the navigation bar and sending us your thoughts. We also invite you and your friends and family to to visit the Columbus Museum of Art. To learn more about the Museum check out our Website @

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Lesson Plans
Art and Social Issues

Artists Response to War

--Artists Response Power Point

Documenting History

Great Depression

Peace Conference

Racial Bias

Race Relations

Urban Poverty

1968 Democratic Convention

--ODE Academic Content Standards

The attached interdisciplinary lesson plans integrate visual art, language arts, music, social studies, history and more.  Lesson plan Content Standards for each lesson are listed here.

person viewing art on wallPlease take time to view the Gallery. Thumbnails lead to larger images.

Many terms can be found in our Glossary.

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Artist Bibliography

Paintings Bibliography

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