This Website features images concerning a number of difficult issues in American culture that invite thoughtful discussion and reflection.  Most of the materials are directed to middle and high-school audiences but they will also challenge college students and should stimulate thinking in and out of the classroom.

Students may explore, on their own, topics related to economics, war, and race and ethnicity.  Lesson plans are linked to many images, please use them and share the results with us. 

If you do not already use art in the classroom we hope you will discover how engaging art can be in inviting deep, reflective and extended thinking in almost every subject area.

Included on the RESOURCES page are a number of lesson plans related to the tough but important topics of race, economics and war as portrayed by artists in America from 1930 to 1979. Each lesson is interdisciplinary integrating visual art, language arts, history, social studies, music, technology and more. Follow the Resource link to view available lesson plans.

The above mentioned interdisciplinary lesson plans integrate visual art, language arts, music, social studies, history and more.  Lesson plan Content Standards for each lesson are listed here.

We welcome your reactions, suggestions, and new lesson plan ideas.  Please direct them to education@cmaohio.org or use the form on the Contact Us page to help us in making this Website challenging and useful.

If you would like to visit the museum for an Art & Social Issues tour, please visit the learning page of the Columbus Museum of Art Website.

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