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by Joseph Delaney

The son of a Methodist minister, Delaney, an African-American artist, was well acquainted with the power of religion, and he brought this understanding to his painting, Revival

His elongated, slightly surreal style adds a sense of mysticism to the painting, which is echoed by the floating lights and powerful stance of the central figure.  Together, these effects create a composition illustrating the passionate feelings religion can invoke.

Look closely at the hands of the figures in this painting.  What about the way the hands are depicted adds to the emotional power of the painting?

(Pohl 39).

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Joseph Delaney - Revival

Joseph Delaney, Revival, 1940.  Oil on Canvas, 34 x 23 ¾ in.

Museum Purchase, Derby Fund, from the Philip J. and Suzanne Schiller Collection of American Social Commentary Art 1930-1970

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Joseph Delaney

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