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New Deal Programs charted. Feldmeth, Greg D. "U.S. History Resources" (31 March 1998).
McCausland, Elizabeth, “Save the Arts Projects,” The Nation, July 17, 1937
Article written in 1937 listing many of the Federal Arts Projects/
New Deal Cultural Programs: Experiments in Cultural Democracy
History of New Deal Art Projects
Timeline of New Deal Art Projects
Posters from the WPA 1936-43
Propaganda Posters
New Deal Art During the Great Depression.  Excellent list of artists and artwork by state.
New Deal Network filled with information about the New Deal time period.
New Deal Network The Great Depression and the Arts Unit of Study
Memories and recollections of an American soldier during WWII`1979/2/79.02.04.x.html
The Negro Holocaust: Lynching and Race Riots in the United States, 1889-1950
Child Labor Laws
The Farm Security Administration
The Office of War Information.

Nixon’s Checkers Speech
History of the invention of the Atomic Bomb and the world after its use
What is propaganda and how is it used?

Key Events in American Civil Rights Movement
American Civil Rights information
American Civil Rights resource with excellent interactive maps for student use
African American Odyssey Civil Rights Era
African American World.
Chicago by Graham Nash
Chicago” lyrics
Charles Haden’s album with “Circus 68 69”
1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago
1968 Democratic Convention
Day by day Chronology of events during the 1968 Democratic Convention All original material is
written by Dean Blobaum and is copyright ©2000 by Dean Blobaum.
1968 National Convention of the U.S. Democratic Party
Vice President Hubert Humphrey
Robert F. Kennedy
Eugene McCarthy
Chicago Seven
President Lyndon Johnson
Mayor Daley
George McGovern

Events from1970-79
Timeline of events in the 20th century related to objects in the Smithsonian collection
Lesson on art and censorship

Social issues and Art
Poetry and woodcuts related to issues from 1928-40s and the American Artists Congress
Snapshot of the decades

Picturing the Century-100 Years of Photography from the National Archive
National Archives and Records Administration
New York Photo League information
New York Photo League
Photography and social issues in the 1930s-40s
Top 10 tips for taking a photo
Lesson on photographing life’s images
New York Photo League
America from the Great Depression to WWII, Black and White Photographs from 1935-45


Bill of Rights

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